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09 Jul 13 - 23:34

Have you ever realized the importance of resume in cracking an interview? Resume format is the first impression of a candidate seeking a job. Its significance further increases when it comes to freshers.

Interviews can be an excruciating affair, but half the job is done when you have the right resume format in front of you. To present the best possible version of yourself and convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate for the job, set in just the right level of confidence.

You should keep in mind some basic rules to get the best possible deal:
  • Never go late for the interview. If you travel via public transport, make sure you have enough time to settle down and give your hair and dress a pristine appearance. Your recruiter should not be allowed to say that you are late, mate!
  • Read your resume not once, but twice. It’s actually surprising that many candidates forget what is written in their resume. Also make sure of the job profile you have applied for, so that you can highlight your skills and strengths.  
  • You are not required to be dressed to kill, but do not take it lightly as well. We have a common belief that a tailor-made business suit can never go wrong. But yes it can if you are from the creative background!
  • Poor knowledge about the organization shows a clear lack of interest. Nothing could be better than displaying your acquaintance with the company in a well thought out manner, without being obvious.
  • Do not discuss salary until it is brought up by the employer.

Recruiters know it all, when it comes to resumes. So a parade of words and blatant untruths are a complete no in your resume, format should be crisp, short, and sweet! Exude the right amount of confidence, sound excited for the prospect but remember not to blabber too much. If uncertain, do remember that is always there for help. So, good luck and get going!

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