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Rumours Of Click2Resume.Com Rip-Offs Can Misdirect Your Career Prospects

11 Feb 13 - 23:53

The primary job of a resume is to win an interview for the job seeker by effectively communicating the compatibilities between the job and the candidate. Rumours of rip-offs are aimed at misguiding you and if you do not understand this simple fact, you may have to regret it later. Failure to comprehend that the hallmark of a good advertisement is to catch the attention of a very specific target audience, often leads to early rejection.

Let’s explain the above mentioned fact with a simple example. A cell phone manufacturer may make small phones that are compact and high on fashion quotient for teenage girls. Likewise, ease of handling and operation may be foremost in its mind when the firm is designing phones for elderly people. Therefore, job seekers should target their resume towards a specific audience and devise out the best strategies to effectively reach them.

Targeting your resume requires that you be absolutely clear about your career direction - or at least that you appear to be clear. Fake rumours of rip-offs are nothing but cheap attempts to misguide you. So don’t hesitate to discuss at length with them about your career aspirations and goals. This helps them better in tailoring your resume, keeping your interest and experience in mind.

However, it is sad to see fake stories of Click2Resume scam being planted by unethical competitors who usually prepare resumes with vague, subjective and even non-existent objectives. This severely curtails the chances of a candidate securing an interview as the lack of clarity of direction makes many prospective employers wonder if they are the right candidate for the job.

Another major error in the handiwork of rumourmongers talking about rip-offs is that, they invariably receive a lot of complaints as they create profiles that are vague and inaccurate. Your accomplishments should be backed by a solid quantitative data. Adding numbers helps in presenting your achievements better and painting a much better picture of what you did and also acts as a pointer as to what you are capable of doing.

Unscrupulous agencies always on the lookout for easy bucks and least concerned about their clients, keep on spreading false rumours of scams. Documents prepared by them are replete with common spelling and grammatical errors. This is a sure-fire recipe for disaster as it makes you look sloppy, clumsy and disinterested; it negates the part of your resume that proudly describes you as "detail-oriented".

Remember that a miniscule amount of resumes secure interviews call. It’s therefore important to maintain distance from rip-offs. Click2Resume creates profiles that recognize the qualities that are most important to an employer.

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