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04 Jan 13 - 22:38

How do you persuade and recruiter to set you up for a job interview? You cannot keep calling them multiple times in a day.  You cannot promise them a reward –that would be illegal. You cannot sway them with sob stories. There is only one thing you can do. Create a resume that compels the recruiter to call you for an interview.

There are many factors that encourage an employer to choose employees. Some employers for example, feel that a better qualified, better educated candidate will not be happy in their organization for too long and will start looking for greener pastures within a few months of receiving the appointment letter.

Therefore, they select a less qualified candidate who will be taught on the job and will perhaps be more loyal to the employer. Your goal is to convince the employer that the job you’re applying for is something you always wanted. Or, you have certain skill sets and talents that will add to the value of the organization you work for. You will also have to convince the employer that you are enthusiastic about the job you’re about to undertake. Once you’re able do that, the job is yours for the taking.

Before you can reach the stage, you have to write a resume that will convince the employer or recruiter to call you for an interview. The resume, in the absence of a face to face meeting, will do the task of persuading the employer that you are a worthy candidate for the job opening. This is why the job seekers are going all out to hire professional resume writers write the perfect resume for them.

Resume writing is an art and it is highly specific to the job seeker. The sort of resume that works for your friend may not work for you. Keeping that in mind, resume writing services such as create the kind resume that does justice to your aspirations. Review articles would have informed you that hiring made a grand difference to the careers of many job seekers. Perhaps it’s time you got yourself a professionally written resume and watch how recruiters fill your inbox with interview invitations.

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