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29 Oct 12 - 02:48 Art of Crafting a Resume

Very few jobseekers are aware of the importance of a good quality resume. By resume quality, we do not mean your educational background, previous employers, references, and similar data that you put on the resume. The way you present the information, how you format it, the language you use, even punctuations are very important when you are creating a resume.

We know that creating a high quality resume is a matter of time and effort. We realize that often, jobseekers lack the time or they are not confident about creating an impactful resume. Sometimes, jobseekers are uninformed about what recruiters expect to see on the resume of the ideal candidate. While we are not mind readers, we have worked with many recruiters and employers and understand how people are recruited to new jobs. We use our experience and knowledge to help jobseekers create an attention-grabbing resume. That is why reviews of Click2Resume always acknowledge the benefits jobseekers received from using our services.

You might have dozens of degrees and impeccable record at your previous employers’ but that is not enough to catapult you to the interview stage. If your resume reads like a bland list of educational milestones and employers you worked with, you will not make much headway in your search for the best job.

Similarly, if you did not make it to the top of the merit list in university, and struggled through three workplaces as an average employee, you don’t need to panic. You can still get a call for an interview, provided you are careful to draft an appropriate resume.

What constitutes an appropriate resume? It is a resume that contains all relevant information about you, without being excessively wordy. The recruiter is often in a hurry because they have to go through hundreds of job applications. If your resume takes too long to read, they will trash it and move to the next job application. Reviews will tell you that the resumes written by Click2Resume are never ignored by recruiters.

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